Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in providing unique aromas to elevate your sense of scent, while visually beautifying your space.  Our collections are eco-friendly non-toxic and burn clean.

Ignite your inspiration


We want to share one of our favorite things with you!

We love candles and the benefits they bring.  The serene feeling of a relaxing day or a tranquil evening, paired with a calm scent and the shadow of a dancing flame. Our comforting scents promote the awakening of peace, the soothing feeling of ease, and the mindset of stillness. The luxurious beauty of shine from our exquisite vessel collection amplifies the enjoyment of your space, the inspiration it brings, and the creativity it ignites.  Our gratitude for peace, passion, and design inspired the birth of the Burning Muse Candle company. 

Come share inspiration with us!


Values of The Burning Muse

Small Business

Our candles are individually crafted and hand-poured in batches of 4.  All are inspired with luxury in mind.

Woman Owned Business

100% independently owned and operated solely by women.

Our wax

Our wax is sourced in Los Angeles County and manufactured in the USA.  Coconut wax produces a clean long lasting burn with an excellent scent throw.